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Happy 54th Birthday to the late Stuart Adamson.

Original post by Gwenda Matthews from

This day I will remember you
This way I will always return
This day I will remember you
This way I will always return

Let us stand so proud and pay our respects to the Late Mr Adamson.  Let us walk upon the land he held so dear. For we walk together in this place for the worldtoo see and hear the genius of his work. The songs remains beyond
all hope and regret for ever more.  A young mans voice of dreams and hopes of  values and wisdom for the world to hear.

On the 11th April Dunfermline crematorium   will open a Book of Remembrance for family and friends to leave messages of condolence. Let our voices be heard for the Late Mr Adamson.

And bells will ring on Remembrance Day

George Eggo a friend of Stuart Adamson’s has kindly put up a jacket for auction.

George has said

I am placing the jacket that Stuart has on in this picture up for auction and ALL proceeds will go to the Mary Leishman Foundation charity.
The jacket was given to me by Stuart many years ago as a gift and its in my wardrobe doing nothing,I know some people would love this as a gift for someone or even for a memory of the man himself.

Stuart like myself was a friend of Jim Leishman and he would approve that the money raised would be going to such a good cause.”

The current winning bid is just over £300, to place a bid or contact George you can email him at the address below.

For those who are unaware, a Big Country fan from Wigan (Gwenda Matthews) has for some time now been coordinating a fundraising project and liaising with Fife Council to have a permanent memorial bench placed in Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline (known locally as The Glen) entirely financed by fans of Stuart Adamson and those bands with which he is synonymous.

The funds include those raised at the last major Skids Fans Gathering for a similar project at that time which was never completed.

The bench has now been manufactured and engraved with several sets of Stuart’s lyrics and fitted with a commemorative plaque.

Following a meeting between Gwenda Matthews and Colin Gourlay with two Council Reps in the Glen on Friday afternoon, they have now determined an agreed date for the unveiling of the bench on Saturday 24th September around 12:00 and a short dedication ceremony will take place at this time in a temporary location to the east of the pond until a permanent location is prepared on the west side of the pond following some new landscaping works to be completed before December 16th 2011 (the tenth anniversary of his passing).

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The location of the Stuart Adamson memorial bench has been decided by Dunfermline Council the bench will be situated near the Lilly Pond in Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline, photograph is shown.
The bench is still in the process of being made it has been 4 wks already! It was stated it would be 4-6 weeks so it should be soon. Will give you two weeks notice for fans to arrange to attend the unveiling.
If you need anymore info you can email me direct at :-
many thanks everyone for making this happen.
Gwenda Matthews

Colin Gourlay wrote “There are other memorial benches around and to the north of the pond. For those who don’t know ‘The Glen’ (as we locals like to call it) the lilypond is pretty much in the centre of the park. It’s within sight of the Pavilion (with several historic connections for both Skids and Big Country) and within sight of a public toilet block (which is manned a lot of the day so there will be someone to watch over it). The pond has many flowering lilies and is populated with goldfish. It’s both in a central and busy area of the Glen while at the same time it can be kinda secluded and quiet. Ideal in my opinion. The installation date and arrangements will follow. Hope you all approve. Best, Ghoulz


“4 sets of lyrics have been choosen for the Stuart Adamson memorial bench. These have been choosen from a poll voted for by facebook bc fans. These are as follows:

1) Here is strength for us to find, to turn the old to new and wipe our eyes of misty years and see the future through

2) Your name will never die; this time will be forever

3) In a big country dreams stay with you like a lover’s vioce fires the mountainside Stay Alive !

4) Some days will stay a thousand years some pass like the flash of a spark who knows where all our days go !

This fund is less than £100 short of its mark, please help by making a donation by following the link below