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The Skids @ the Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline 06-03-10

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So this was to be the last ever Skids gig at the Alhambra theatre in Dunfermline, the band’s home town.

The Band for tonight is Richard Jobson, Bill Simpson, Mike Baillie and Bruce & Jamie Watson.The intro CD comes on, a roar goes up and they are on. Richard Jobson swinging his arms and legs about like a mad man possessed.

The first two songs were over in a flash. As I catch my breath Richard tell us the next song was written in the library and “Working for the Yankee Dollar” is played. The crowd go mad.They then go on to dedicate the next song to Stuart Adamson who was a special guy to them all. The crowd agree and we are played “The Saints are Coming”. Jobson says “too many bands from our era just go through the motions nowadays but we play from the heart,” and this receives a rapturous applause.“Masquerade” is up next and the crowd are getting more excited as each song passes.

They end the evening with “Into the Valley” and this had the building shaking. Everyone in the theatre are on their feet, from the moshpit to all the people up in the balcony seats, all singing along. Jobson holds the mic towards them and it is the loudest and best sing along I have ever heard. The fans are still singing when the band goes off. But that surely cant be it – they come back on to do acoustic versions of “Saints are Coming” and “Into the Valley” which mellows the crowd out before they play “Fields”, which according to Jobson they have never played live before.And finally it is time for “that song that is like a lead weight around our necks all evening and you have been waiting for” says Jobson – “Albert Tatlock” is screamed out! “TV Stars” is played and the roof of the Alhambra is nearly lifted off its hinges.

And that was it – two hours of sheer brilliance and the last ever gig, if so they did their hometown and the fans proud but most of all they did themselves proud.

As they walk off Bruce stands alone and shouts see ya soon.

The end or the beginning…?


Gig review: The Skids
By Fiona Shepherd
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MANY bands approach the nostalgia ticket with caution, particularly the first wave of punk bands who initially formed to sweep away the old guard and, in choosing to reform, must now reconcile themselves to facing a roomful of balding men of a certain age.

But Scotland’s premier punk warhorses The Skids have come back with such passionate, vigorous, infectious spirit and rousing material that the ironies of being an old-age punk have ceased to be an issue and all that mattered was rallying with frontman Richard Jobson in his stated aim to “sing quite out of tune, dance badly and have a blast”.

In the course of his reminiscences, Jobson revealed that he became The Skids’ singer by intimidating founder members Stuart Adamson and Bill Simpson into giving him the job. These days he is more of a cuddly raconteur, sincerely putting each of the songs plucked from their back catalogue into context.

The entire gig also functioned as an act of remembrance for the late Adamson, whose distinctive guitar sound – as played by his Big Country sideman Bruce Watson in this line-up – has helped to preserve the kick of such muscular chants as The Saints Are Coming, Into The Valley, Masquerade and the prescient Working For The Yankee Dollar.

The set list reached beyond the hits to encompass debut single Charles and requested fan favourites such as The Olympian, while maintaining a balance between what the band wanted to play – including an acoustic encore and the rarely performed single Fields – and what the boisterous audience wanted to hear (the thrashy rant of TV Stars).

This final track was evidently not one of Jobson’s proudest musical achievements but the fact that the band played it with such headlong energy anyway is one good reason why this is such a fondly-regarded and raucously received reunion

Richard Jobson dunfermline-press

Dunfermline Press article by Gary Fitzpatrick
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A SUPERB performance from the Skids set the seal on the week of events celebrating the career of Richard Jobson.

Saturday night’s gig was a memorable occasion for the sell-out crowd savouring the reunion of one Dunfermline’s best-ever bands in the fabulous setting of the rejuvenated Alhambra Theatre.

And it was a rejuvenated, storming set from the band as they turned the clock back, roared on by the hometown support like a swaying mass of football fans.

There was a huge ovation in memory of the late Stuart Adamson and it was fitting that his Big Country colleague Bruce Watson was on stage alongside his son Jamie to complete the line-up.

Many fans present had been there for the band’s breakthrough days in the late 1970s although some in the audience were not even born then.

The set was an impressive mix of the band’s popular hits such as ‘The Saints Are Coming’, ‘Working for the Yankee Dollar’, ‘Circus Games’ and Masquerade’ with less well-known material such as ‘Woman in Winter’ and ‘Castles in Spain’, which was released by The Armoury Show, Jobson’s subsequent band after the Skids.

The singer turned film director said it was a “privilege” to appear at the theatre and the fans certainly appreciated them being there.

Alhambra manager Simon Fletcher said, “It was a great event and the culmination of a really good week.

“The first Fifer Festival has been a success and the Skids concert was a triumphant return.

“When they sang ‘Into the Valley’ it was the biggest crowd reaction we’ve had since the Alhambra re-opened. The band loved playing here and the fans had a great time.”

Local bars and restaurants were busy as gig-goers flocked into Dunfermline, none more so than a packed Old Inn where Skids fans gathered in the hours before the concert, at an event organised by the band’s website.

They were entertained by Skids music and rare footage of the band on video.

Dunfermline’s emergence as a live music hub after many years in the doldrums was confirmed on Saturday with one of the city’s busiest ever nights for live music.

Dunfermline will be amass with Skids fans tomorrow as “Skidders” from all over arrive in oor wee toon to attend the sell out show at the Alhambra Dunfermline on Saturday 6th March.

Skids fans are already making arrangements to meet in various different pubs in Dunfermline an article in this weeks press highlighted that The Old Inn at 13 Kirkgate Dunfermline has shown its loyalty to Dunfermline’s finest by providing Skids music and Video on the afternoon of the gig.

The owner of The Old Inn has said that himself and his staff are massive Skids fans and have enjoyed the company of Bruce, Jamie and Sandra on many occasions as well as having a few beers with Stuart in the past.

The Old Inn can also boast to having the highest amount of Skids songs available on their FREE jukebox and have now made the effort to make sure that even more Skids music and video will be available on the 6th March.

The Old Inn also serves great home made food available all afternoon, so for a pre-gig warm up it is ideal, a good meal, a few beers, some Skids music and video to get the juices flowing, and its only a 5 minute walk from the Alhambra, families are welcome so if you are bringing your kids to the gig thats not a problem.

To arrange your food or put your song request in please call 01383 729 050 or mobile number 07771 610 163 and ask for Mark or visit The Old Inn Website