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Mike Baillie

richard-jobsonFrom Richard

Hi all you skids fans out there…….

I am currently immersed in filming my new movie in Edinburgh,
so will not be able to join you all in Dunfermline tonight
to celebrate what would have been the 50th Birthday
of the late great Stuart Adamson.

But I will take a private moment to reflect and remember
his genius and his wonderful spirit, like you, I loved the way he played,
so today, let’s get his music playing everywhere.

Have a great one everybody.
Richard Jobson


bill-simpsonFrom Bill

Stuart, you were a giant among men and a true guiding light.

I cherish the friendship we had and the times we spent together
in High School, Tattoo and The Skids.

I’ll never forget you
and wish we had never drifted apart.


RIP my friend.

Bill Simpson


mike-baillieFrom Mike

Thinking back all these years to when I first met Stuart it seems unbelievable that I was playing music with him.

I realize now how fortunate I am to have known him, not only as a friend but as a musician.
His loyalty to his family, friends and fellow musicians has always been an inspiration to me.
I believe that Stuart was the most inspired and influential Scottish songwriter of our generation, his genius reached us all.

I am privileged to count myself as one of the many who loved him.

Mike Baillie